So much cuter as a dress than a shirt, right?

I love a classic shirt dress. There’s just something that screams summer about a quick to throw on and look fabulous dress that’s just as appropriate going out to dinner, out for drinks, or out to the beach. And a shirt dress in a neutral shade like navy, chocolate brown, or black has staying power all year long. This one, though, has summer written all over it.

Confession time. This wasn’t meant to be a dress at all. In fact, I didn’t even make it for me. I started dating a guy a while back, a very tall guy with broad shoulders who loves Hawaiian shirts. Except that the two or three that he owns are all just a smidge too small, and most definitely too short on his 6’5” frame. So I offered to make him a shirt, in a tropical print, that would be long enough and big enough for him. I paid too much for the fabric and slogged through the construction. Basic button downs aren’t hard to make, but they’re not my favorite thing to construct. The relationship ended the same day I finished the last button on the shirt, and I decided I didn’t want to give it to him after all. But what to do with a shirt that would be a dress on me…. lightbulb. I tossed the shirt on my dress form and stuck a belt around the waistline, and voila, the perfect summer outfit.

I took a basic Simplicity Men’s shirt pattern and added just 4” to the bottom, moving the side vents down proportionally. Then I added a 6th button (they came 3 to a card anyway, why waste a button?) to the bottom and that’s all it took to turn a regular man’s pattern into a tall man’s pattern. And perhaps I’ll sew a little tag in somewhere that says “I dated what’s his name for two months and all I got was this fabulous shirt dress.” 🙂