In an effort to get back into this project for the new year, I made several things for Christmas.  Primarily I made things for my sister and brother in law.  You see, my sister ALWAYS hates whatever I do for her for Christmas.  One year I made a quilt in the colors she chose.  She let her dogs destroy it.  Last year I gave her a gift card to the book store she frequents.  She was annoyed because the location she normally goes to was closing.  I figured so much the better, she could get more with her gift card.  She saw it as useless.  So this year I gave up and rather than getting or making anything for her, I picked two needy kids off the local sharing tree that had requested clothes or coats.  I spent several days making two winter coats, a set of pj’s and a pair of pants that went to an 11 month old girl and an 8 year old boy.  The girl’s coat was adorable: a heart print on a brown background in fleece with an appliqued heart in pink fur on the front, and it had a cute little pom-pom on the point of the hood.  The boy got pj pants with a robot print.  I thought it was a wonderful idea.  She had resentment rolling off of her in waves.  But I think the important part is that I enjoyed working on it, even down to the tinniest details.  And at the end of the day, I don’t care if she hated her present.  I found a lot of joy in getting excited about simple, small projects that will be a blessing to kids who have very little to begin with.  And I only spent about $20 total, including a few toys to go with their clothes.  Both kids received a shopping bag full of things that they wouldn’t otherwise have.  I had so much fun that my dear sister might get the same thing again next year.

Coming up: I’m working on one of my summer casual blouses.  This may end up being a trial run, but there are lots of lessons on alterations to be had in this one.