The following is a list of the items that I feel I’ll need in order to construct my full wardrobe. At times I’ll make multiples of the same pattern, for instance I’ll make at least two of each of the professional blouse patterns for both seasons. I’ll also make several extra skirts and pants that won’t necessarily have a matching jacket so that I have more mix and match options. I’ve noticed that all of the major pattern companies put their patterns on sale at a major chain periodically, so I never pay more that $4 per pattern. Regular price for patterns can range up to $30, so these sales are vital, even if most major retailers offer patterns at 40% off every day. If the average pattern is $15, that would make the average price (at 40% off) $9 each. I have a total of 23 patterns on my list so far, so that would be a total cost of $207. By using these sales, my average price drops to just $2 per pattern, or a total of $46. Now that I can afford. It’s a good idea to look through the pattern books ahead of time when these sales come up, especially if you’re a popular size or looking for a popular style. Make a list and try to shop the first day of the pattern sale to avoid missing out.

2 Winter Pants Suits (McCall’s 5941, Vogue 1063)

2 Winter Skirt Suits (Vogue 8543, McCall’s 2255)

3 Winter Professional Blouses (Simplicity 2636, Butterick 4659, Vogue 7828)

2 Winter Casual Blouses (McCall’s 5931, Vogue 8582)

1 Style Jeans (Vogue 2907)

1 Winter Coat (McCall’s 5525)

2 Summer Pants Suits (McCall’s 5817, Butterick 5428)

2 Summer Skirt Suits (Vogue 1037, McCall’s 5817)

3 Summer Professional Blouses (Butterick 5334, Butterick 5497) (still deciding on one pattern here)

2 Summer Casual Blouses (Simplicity 2936, McCall’s 5809)

1 Summer Jacket (Vogue 8600)

1 Style Walking/Bermuda Shorts or Capri’s (McCall’s 5633)

Cocktail Dress (Vogue 1182)